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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

West Bengal and work culture

One thing I have realised during my tenure as an intern in a tertiary care hospital in Kolkata is the pathetic work culture prevalent in the city. And yes I call it "pathetic". I have seen people who have worked hard all day long being held in disregard for that little one hour they gave amiss, and I have seen people missing duties for days enjoying the respect of seniors.

Yet what struck me most was how people who stayed  pretty close to the hospital, or even within the campus,would make sure they missed duties- even if they were for half an hour- just because they knew they wouldn't be said anything. Some would miss duties even when something was said ! As long as action is not taken...

Yet there are departments which make sure interns stayed back for no purpose at all. Just because it was feasible for them to have someone at their command. And I have seen people spending hours here because the departments were strict.

Oh Bengal ! When shall thou understand the value and importance of hard work and time.

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