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I love the fact that we can manage our lives the way we want it to be. I wake up each morning with the thought that today,I'll be better than yesterday. I enjoy being around positive people that give me a greater determination to live life to its fullest and make me want to reach my greater potential. I love life absolutely and wanna live it to the fullest so that the day I die, I shall have no regrets. I wanna love, wanna be loved, wanna score, wanna have fun... I love reading books and listening to good music...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Okay so I hadn't ever posted about it considering my own strangest fears that it shall never come true. And I hadn't ever talked about it before. But this has been a dream that I have cherished for way too long - to study at AIIMS. I don't know where it stands when it comes to the world, but it is the best medical institution in India and I wanna be a part of it once. I know it is easier said than done and getting into AIIMS is not eating cake. And with all the time that I waste, I won't even get closer to achieve it. So I have decided on wasting lesser time on useless activities and pending more on productive ones. Studying 24 * 7 makes me dull and that is not my way but studying more than I do and even with it, living life to the fullest in every little way is what I plan...

So now I am gonna get me a good book and read it...play more games and spend more time sketching and ebjoying myself. At the same time, I am gonna spend more time studying and less time in front of the idiot box. So that some day when I see myself at AIIMS, I have more than something to cherish about.

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