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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where will the reservations lead us?

Where will the reservations lead us???

This question has often come to my contemplative mind. It has hassled me every time I experience some thing that has so much to do with it. I don't really know if the Government policy of reserving more and more seats for the "weaker sections of the society" is a boon or a curse. But quite candidly I don't like it.

Recently we had a viva exam. We were seated in a group of five and our microbiology teacher was the examiner. When one of my colleagues from the weaker section was asked about the commonest mode of HIV transmission, the reply that came left the examiner flabbergasted. The answer was - "venereal pus" . Now what in the hell does that mean ! Our examiner was pretty happy instructing the guy to go out and call Bulladi for some information about the same, much to the muse of the entire class.

To many, it might have been just an amusing incident but to me, and when I recall it every time I see that guy's frivolity, I wonder where we are headed to. Are we going to get such doctors in our future who don't know what dirty kids playing in the streets could teach us ! I hope not. The future of health in our nation looks bleak.

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