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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Medical Student life- why is it hectic !

Now what happened a few months back compels me to post this one. The head of our dermatology department, who happens to be a man of wonderful charisma and energy, while teaching us the aspects of vitiligo came up with some nice stories about life and philosophy. I guess, he would have been a philosopher had he not chosen the wrong field. But then, philosophy is something all doctors master (especially those "heads of departments")! While reminiscing about his past events in life he explained to us why we should be cautious in our dealings with patients-"cos doctors are no longer Gods!" He explained to us that times have actually changed and it is better we adapt to the changed needs and demands of people. We needn't go after trying to save every life because saving trouble ourselves was equally important. Though many would disagree, I guess all would do the same if they are at a doctor's place.

But That's not the point of the post. i would someday post about self-righteousness and selfishness for doctors. This post relates to what he told us about doctors. This line rings in my ears way too often- "doctors are unsocial beings...if not anti-social."

Now that was a bomb ! How wonderfully he had summarised all the trouble we go through during our life right from the moment we enter our profession, right from long hours of physical work, dealing with the expectations of seniors, listening to the shouts of hassling doctors for not doing something the way they want it to be(even if it is right) to dealing with our own mental depression and anguish, often for not doing well,or having messed up a thing; at other times, for the sake of crying patient relatives. We spend long hours trying to memorise those dull, pages of Harrison and then we spent years perfecting our skills. Yet, it stands that not a single doctor can be claim to know all about his field of precision. That is medicine !

And then, when my friends ask, why do doctors charge so much, I wonder how many Dr. Ambani or Dr. Mallya have we heard of ! And a life without friends or relatives with little time to spare for parents is not what everyone has experienced !

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